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A personal message from Floyd Upperman  
   System Performance

Back-testing and Performance  
(via 5 year core IMPA selection study)
1998 HOTpages trades  

   Testimonials From Members, Students and Clients
"Dear Floyd,
I just wanted to tell you it's great to be back. I've been spending a little time looking through your web-site, trying to refresh my memory. I don't know how you humanly, find the time to keep up all this information, analyze it, write commentary on it, make your own trades, keep everything running smoothly, and if that wasn't enough, to eat, sleep, and spend time with your family. Wow! One thing I do know is I am glad for it. Thank you Floyd."

"Hello Floyd,
I have been away for about a month on business and I am getting back into reading the graphs and charts this week. I noticed the reverse plunger on LH and watched hogs a few minutes after the open and put in an order going short. So far today the plunger report has proven right again and Hogs is down over 1.5 points! Thanks."

One of the best things about your system is that I can be away for 4 weeks and come back and pick up right where I left off (pretty much) and feel confident that I will be profitable."
Kelly P

You know, it is actually strange getting accustomed to the 3 digit prices in the S+P. I know it sounds stupid, but you get used to eyeing up the quotes quick, and now you have to readjust. Day trading for me is still going well. I meant to write you a while ago, I have had some incredible days when all the advisory services that give free trials and even my brokers email service were saying to do the opposite of what I was doing. The 120 bucks I spent on your s+p daytrading video may have been one of the best investments I ever made. That tape is a real bargain. It has opened up a whole new way of trading for me. I still use some indicators and standard chart analysis, but it's more as confirmation, and just timing as opposed to anything else. It's striking that a guy with little experience can trade these markets successfully when all the "pros" are wrong. I'm not over confident, just further convinced that most people simply don't know what they're doing, which explains why 80 or 90 % of traders are losing money. As always, your position trading system continues to be superior to anything else I have seen."
Patrick M

"Dear Floyd:
You are quite amazing, I must say. You sound incredibly busy (though its clear you love it), yet have the time to initiate contact. Thank you so much. To answer your question, I have been plowing through the manuals... I think I'm beginning to grasp your ideas. The amount of data and analysis you produce is still overwhelming. I did order your tapes, by the way. The biggest problem is making time to spend."

"Floyd takes this business seriously! He gives a straight forward no nonsense review of the markets daily and points out all the signals from his unique system. This is not just commentary! Floyd has taken the time to load his entire secret trading system on-line!! Each day members have access the latest proprietary signals!"
K.C., Private full-time trader

I am amazed at how accurate you call your entry points. I followed the Wheat hot page trade and now I am long two Canadian Dollars based on last nights report. In both cases your accuracy was exact, only 1 point to spare and that allowed us to get into the trades. Also wanted to say thanks for keeping an eye on the lower risk trade opportunities and the mentoring you give us. Thanks and God Bless you and your family over this Christmas season."

I am learning more each day, and have signed up for your alerts. The QQQ's and wheat were great and I am long coffee. I missed the sugar, but am trying to err on the side of caution. The system is becoming more familiar to me each day, and the Hot Page trades are a great way to learn. Your narratives are easy to understand and a joy to read. I look forward to reading the reports. They are one of the highlights of my day. Thank you for taking the time to ask me how I'm doing. I appreciate you caring."
Jeff M.

I want to sincerely thank you for a wonderful workshop in Dana Point. I personally learned quite a bit through the discussions and feel the workshop was well worth my time. I feel that I now have a good and better understanding of your system and methodologies of trading. Your disciplined approach will hopefully give me the confidence to take trades per your system. I was also impressed by your overall knowledge of trading and quite frankly, your honesty and humbleness! Thank you for sharing your insights which are invaluable and something one cannot pick up in a textbook. Thanks to you, I am excited as ever about trading and look forward to continued learning and positive results."
Eric K.

Hi Floyd,
It's me from way down under. Just a quick email. I traded your TICK/PREMX/VIX S&P reading system on Thursday - I am starting to get the hang of this - don't know if you have studied the tick & S&P chart for Thursday - wow! Thanks to you and your system, I have 30 emini points in the bag for Thursday ... (plus another 15 for 50% profits), so thank you... your intraday trading tape & manual is the best investment I have ever made...I was hoping to invest some of these profits with your premium membership for November as we discussed last month... I am free, ready, willing, and able - to stay up all night - as I do anyway- I am so looking forward to it ... hope to hear from you soon with a positive response. Kind Regards, Michael from the land down under."

Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for the wheat call. I have followed your advise exactly and you picked this with such accuracy it is amazing. This mornings high so far was exactly where you put our sell. Now I am out and 50% (1contract) remains in place to trade the trend. Finally I am beginning to see the light. It has been tough to get going and I continue to learn, however, it is difficult to trade when one leaves for the office and cannot follow the market too closely in the day. Please continue to remember the small guys with the appropriate commodities. I am really exited about the future. Thanks again, may God bless and protect you and your family."
Grant in Canada

"Hi Floyd,
I just wanted to personally thank you for the great instruction in Nov. Beans via the Official Hotpage setup. I honestly don't know where any could get "line upon line, precept upon precept" instructions like this anywhere else for the low cost of membership. I only wish I had had completely funded my account when you first entered the trade. Never the less, it has been a great lesson paper trading it and following the system all the way thus far"
Larry D.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Upperman and you for giving me the insight to understand the tools needed to be successful in trading commodities. My desire to trade commodities has intensified three fold since hooking up with your most awesome system. This is the best education I have ever invested in, and hope it continues long into the future. Thank You."

Dear Floyd,
Well I have read the manual and studied lots & lots of charts, & IMPAs etc in the last 48 hours & all I can say is wow - I finally found it - !!! THE SYSTEM (the only system) You can say it is not a holy grail - but it is a grail - I can see how it is up to each trader to make it holy - Wow...Finally FA & TA in one package - I hated the thought of having to jump on the end of a trend - now I think I completely understand the trigger indicator - I can see how I will be able to trade with a great degree of confidence !!! & how the system will keep me out of trades - that would have otherwise been just ok trend hopping risks.... This will even provide confidence for swing trades. Thanks, Subscribing for life now please...from way down under"

"Hello Floyd,
I exited my positions this week because I am going to take a week (at least several days) off. I appreciate your patience and guidance this year. I have learned a lot from you and made a lot of money this year. As I go into trades now I am more comfortable and your system works very well and is very effective at "predicting" market moves. Still I have to have more patience but I have learned very much from you and your system. I look forward to the new year and I have an optimism about my financial goals now! I intend to attend a seminar of yours, please forward a schedule when you have one available. Thanks again for all your help, guidance and encouragement."
Kelly P.

"I continue to be amazed by the great work you guys do with your trading system and website. I count it as a most fortunate day when I stumbled across a reference to Floyd's trading program while surfing the Internet. I recall there was sort of an on-line dialog going on among a bunch of traders in which the various programs being offered to the public were being discussed and evaluated. A lot of people promoting programs were rather unkindly criticized as I recollect. But buried deep in the narrative was a single sentence: "If you really want to learn how to trade, check out Floyd Upperman." Great advice. I am living out on this little tropical island in the South Seas thousands of miles from the Mainland, and am able to trade nearly as effectively as if I was home in Washington state, thanks to your program. Keep up the good work."
John B.

Your crystal is the most amazing thing that I have seen. You are to be commended on your calls and for the system that you have developed."
David F.

"I want to thank you both for the amazing work that you do. Your passion, enthusiasm and endurance are greatly admired. I am fairly new to this business and I can't begin to tell you how much I am learning and how much your system, knowledge and know how have helped my trading. Thank you so much. You are the best! Sincerely, Julie. "

" I hope all is well with you and Kim and the new baby. Everything is fine here in Connecticut. I have really had fun following your system and being a part of the Upperman Ohana (Hawaiian for family). I had been watching and following the Hog trade from early January and was able to make quite a bit of money before the end. Thanks so much for the opportunity to learn something that has change me and my family's life!" Julius B. (Julius attended the December 1999 workshop, he is pictured in the workshop photo below. Floyd holds only a few workshops a year for those who are members already). Workshop photo

Dear Upperman & Associates,
" I Just wanted to drop a note and let you and Floyd know that you both have been a world of help to me. I am able to tackle these markets and understand them using wide angle binoculars instead of looking thru a straw. I had 3 Jan 500 calls that I was able to get at 9 even. I peeled one off today at 29.0. What a great trade!!! Yes I am moving my stops up to lock in more profit. Thanks so much for all you do. I hope all is well with you and your new addition to the family. Best Regards, Sid"

"I just want to Thank you for making your system availability to me. I have been studying commodities now for four years, Thanks to your system it has made the last four years of study worth while. I thank God for your system. It is going to make My retirement a wonderful time of trading. I don't know how many Months and Years you have spent on this system it must be many, All I can say is thanks for all your hard work and for sharing Thanks again and God Bless."
Jim B

"Thought I'd let you know how I'm going since signing up. What can I say, I'm very impressed you have an excellent package. The products and service are second to none, Thank You. The help pages answered most of my questions and the video package made things a lot clearer. The COM charts are amazing, an excellent leading indicator. I am new to this game and have been reading a lot of trading books and have spent considerable time surfing the net trying to make sense of it all. I feel so fortunate to have stumbled across your website. What luck! As a beginner, I can't think of a better place to learn how to trade. Watching the trades you do each day will be of great help. Thanks again."
James P.

"Your small lectures every week have been very meaningful. Can't tell how much I've learned and enjoyed studying them. I have been in commodities for a couple years and have never enjoyed more than the past couple months. So I'm sending my thanks and I'll keep you informed as I go."

Just a short hello to say what a great job you do for all of us that are members. I made a nice profit today in crude. I thought it was funny because my broker tried to talk me into going long, said this was a very bullish market , he said he had over 100 orders that were long. I stood my ground and remembered everything your program has taught me. I laughed at him on the phone and he called me a you know what because I had gone short and made $$$$$. Thanks again and keep up the great work you do daily. Thanks."
John B.

Snapshot photo of recent workshop along with feedback from one of the attendee's. These workshops are held only a few times a year and kept small and unique so that each member can participate, ask questions and basically work together in a small group with Floyd as he reveals the most intricate details of his system! Click here > SNAP!

I have used your 50% plan with the dollar, and my account and it has worked great--My account has doubled since implementing some of your principles--Thank You for the teaching and opportunity."

"I don't know how you can make it (the system) any better. Unless you make the trades for us. This is the BEST system I have ever seen."

"Dear Floyd,
I was looking over some charts today and I had this sudden need to e-mail you both and tell you "Thank You" for making this all available to us and especially for the education, which will enable us to one day work at something really enjoyable and be able to live off it as well. As I remain your student, I will be e-mailing you on and off about this because I am grateful for the opportunity you have made available for us all and for unselfishly sharing things with us, Best Wishes."

"I just wanted to say again what a great system! 7/26/99 took 50% on SF for $1550 per contract. Then on 8/2/99 stopped at 67 for $1762 per contract. I'm starting to learn how to w-a-i-t for the market. I'm also having a ball. Thanks again."

"I wanted to let you know once again how much I value and appreciate the service you and Floyd provide. What a blessing and tremendous help it has been. I have been using it to assist me with my position trading in the interbank FOREX market since I began subscribing back in November 1998. Although it is a fast-moving 24hr market that I must follow around the globe, your system has helped me to develop more and more confidence in my trading analysis and skills. I have met with great success both monetarily as well as personally. Your system has helped to remove the emotion so commonly found in trading. You guys are the greatest and deliver far more than ever expected or promised. Thanks again!"

"I just started with your website and system. I'm working right now on setting up my trading account. As for your site, Its great. I like the factors that you use to track the market and have gone over some of my failed paper trades and found where your system would have been a help. Keep up the great work!"
Bill New Jersey


No guarantees can be made for success. Past performance is not a guarantee of future profits. Futures trading is NOT our only means of income. We also invest in stocks, real estate as well as generate income from other businesses. We have both winning trades and losing trades. We trade professionally, but not daily. We wait for what we believe to be ideal trading opportunities.

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