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The Pattern Recognition program (Plungers) identifies current forward (bullish) and reverse (bearish) plunger days and generates a daily report showing the markets that currently exhibit these patterns. This report provides reversals, stops, and potential profit objectives.

The criteria for the daily plungers is that we must meet or exceed a new 10-day high or 10-day low and then close in the top or bottom 30% of that days range. The entire price range for that day must also be at least 1/3 of an average days range (this used to be 1/2) for that market. This eliminates plungers with extremely tiny intra-day ranges. The criteria for the weekly plungers are again essentially the same, except we are evaluating the data on a weekly basis as opposed to daily. Just as the close of each day is the most important price of the day, the close on Friday is the most important price of the week.

One of the benefits of identifying plunger formations and using them as springs for any entry into a position is the logical protective stop they provide. If it turns out that the plunger pattern did identify a turning point, the low/high of the plunger should not be penetrated. In other words, if the market moves higher following a forward plunger day, the low of the plunger day should not be penetrated. Thus, this is a logical area for a protective stop (sell stop). Likewise on a reverse plunger day, if the market moves lower, the high of the reverse plunger day should not be penetrated. This is also a logical place for the protective stop (buy stop).


No guarantees can be made for success. Past performance is not a guarantee of future profits. Futures trading is NOT our only means of income. We also invest in stocks, real estate as well as generate income from other businesses. We have both winning trades and losing trades. We trade professionally, but not daily. We wait for what we believe to be ideal trading opportunities.

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  "I can't imagine trading commodities without this data! This is the missing link"
J.T., private trader

"I don't know how you can make it (IMPA system) any better... This is the BEST system I have ever seen. "
R.K. Part-time futures trader

"Dear Floyd, Well I have read the manual and studied lots & lots of charts... all I can say is wow - I finally found it - !!! THE SYSTEM (the only system) ... Finally FA & TA in one package! Thanks, Subscribing for life now please...from way down under"


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