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   New to Futures Trading?

As an individual new to futures trading, you have many choices to choose from in different types of trading systems. Should you use a technical system, or a fundamental one? What does each system provide to the trader, and which one is best? Our IMPA trading system uses both technical and fundamental data to provide the trader with the optimal amount of information to make an informed decision.

Our goal is to provide you with powerful, reliable and professional technical and fundamental information. Our fundamental indicator focuses on the Commitment of Traders data in a straightforward and easy to understand manner, so that you can expand your understanding of this powerful tool. We will teach you how to use the reportís data to be more successful in your trading decisions. We will provide you with tools and data that are unique, time tested, and not available anywhere else in the world. You will learn to make informed and profitable trading decisions.

Why our trading systems? For three important reasons:

  • The systems give clear Buy and Sell trigger selections in all 45 markets updated weekly.
  • We use both fundamental and technical indicators in determining what trades to take, focusing on the Commitment of Traders data in our IMPA trading system.
  • All of our trading systems are online. NO additional software or charting service is required. Just point and click to retrieve all charts, graphs, reports, manuals, daily activity report, contract roll instructions and more.

All of us here at Floyd Upperman & Associates understand the need for knowledge and confidence before engaging in a commodity trading program. On our trading system page, we go into great detail about our systems, and what we can offer you as a trader.

Go to Trading Systems Now!  

This important section allows you to view our trading systems, as well as some of the reports that are written on a daily basis. These reports give an analysis of what we are seeing in each market via our systems. Over the years we have helped many traders world wide become successful, confident traders.

Basic Trading Terms:

The two most basic commodity trading terms are buying long and selling short. Before you continue onto our systems, we recommend that you first have a good handle on the terminology of buying long, and selling short.

Buying Long 
Selling Short  


No guarantees can be made for success. Past performance is not a guarantee of future profits. Futures trading is NOT our only means of income. We also invest in stocks, real estate as well as generate income from other businesses. We have both winning trades and losing trades. We trade professionally, but not daily. We wait for what we believe to be ideal trading opportunities.

Try it for free!  

  "I can't imagine trading commodities without this data! This is the missing link"
J.T., private trader

"I don't know how you can make it (IMPA system) any better... This is the BEST system I have ever seen. "
R.K. Part-time futures trader

"Dear Floyd, Well I have read the manual and studied lots & lots of charts... all I can say is wow - I finally found it - !!! THE SYSTEM (the only system) ... Finally FA & TA in one package! Thanks, Subscribing for life now please...from way down under"


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