Floyd's Giant list of favorite sites

"Provides serious traders with information on how to apply charting,
numerical and computer trading methods to trade stocks, bonds,
mutual funds, options and futures."

Charts & Quotes  

LIVE Charts for Intra-day trading
Click here for FREE LIVE tic-by-tic currency and ES-Mini quotes!
This is a professional quote service with bid and offer prices for free! This is a decent service for day-traders while on the road and away from your main day-trading workstation or computer!
Prophet Station - Floyd's favorite online charting software!   High quality yet economical intra-day price, streaming chart and news service.  Its the perfect choice for emini traders! 

What is Day Trading ?
Click here for a short presentation!

TFC-CHARTS - Commodity Price Charts with RSI  
Quote Com - More Price Charts  


Soybean growers - American Soybean Association
Soybeans are Floyd's favorite raw commodity!  Down through the years Floyd is known to have made thousands of dollars trading soybean futures for his own account.  Floyd continues to provide assistance to speculators and commercial hedgers in soybeans from all around the world. Floyd is considered by many professionals in grains to be one of the top soybean market timers in the world. Here's one of Floyd's favorite soybean sites! 
CGB Enterprises, Inc.
Headquartered in Mandeville Louisiana, CGB Enterprises is engaged in Grain origination, handling, storage, merchandising and Multi-modal bulk commodity terminaling, as well as Grain Transportation.  Decent cash / delivery prices!
USDA Calendar of Reports
ProFarmer & Ag Web
Another favorite site of Floyd's! Grain data, USDA reports and much more!
Agriculture Online

Precious Metals

KITCO Bullion dealers  Precious Metals site
* One of Floyd's Favorite Gold sites for industry news!


U.S. Exchanges
International Exchanges
Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) Australian Stock Exchange
Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) LIFFE
Coffee, Sugar, & Cocoa Exchange (CSCE) - NY London Stock Exchange
Kansas City Board of Trade (KCBT) - Missouri Madrid Stock Exchange
New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) Santiago Stock Exchange
New York Cotton Exchange (NYCE) South African Futures Exchange
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Vancouver Stock Exchange
Nasdaq Hong Kong Futures Exchange
American Stock Exchange (AMEX) Commodity Exchange

Brokerage Firms
Floyd believes selecting the right brokerage firm is a crucial element to your success.  Each brokerage firm is unique. Some are tailored for professionals whose main requirement is fast execution with a minimum commission while others require help with placing orders and managing trades. For those that need help with placing orders, Floyd recommends paying a little more in commission initially over a period of time until comfortable on their own then switching to a lower commission service.  The goal is to be as independent as possible. 

Below is a list of brokerage firms that provide an array of services, meeting the needs of the beginner trader right up through the professional.



For the established professional trader Floyd recommends Man Financial.  Based in the U.K. Man is one of the largest clearing firms in the world, clearing for many top U.S. FCM's.

Man Financial is one of the world’s leading providers of brokerage services in futures and options to both institutional and private clients, offering advice, execution and clearing services. Man Financial is also an intermediary in the world’s metals, foreign exchange and equities markets. The parent company, Man Group plc, is one of the world’s largest futures brokers, with offices in London, Switzerland, New York, Chicago, Paris and Singapore.
Floyd Recommends Man for the professional!


Floyd Recommends Zap Futures for those that need a little help placing orders and managing their trading initially.  Excellent for beginners!
Merchant Capital:   
Message from Merchant Capital: 
We strive to stay on the cutting edge of technology in the commodity futures trading and investment industry. Our mission is to: Provide our clients with personalized expedient service essential in trading today’s markets, the latest technology in order execution, and unparalleled market research all at a competitive cost! , we give you a competitive edge at a competitive price!

Merchant Capital helping traders navigate the markets

Alaron provides quality services for the beginner trader. 

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Best direct provides one of Floyd's favorite programs for online order placement, meeting the needs of both the professional and the beginner!
2airab.gif (15961 bytes)
Ira is a colleague and personal friend to Floyd.  Floyd recommends his services for those that feel comfortable on their own and desire access to intra-day charting and customized features in exchange for paying a little higher commission. 


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Financial Newsgroups & Wires
Reuters Business Summary The Wall Street Journal
US Economic Indicators - USA Today CNN Financial News
Bloomberg Personal Business Week
Business Wire Financial Planning Online
Kiplinger Online Market News Online
Moneyworld Silicon Investor
Trader Talk  

YourTradingEdge is the premier magazine for professional traders and investors in Futures, Options, Forex, Stocks & Commodities.  MONA VALE  AUSTRALIA

International Newswire services and Publications


Ag Online

Futures Magazine

Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities

Financial Times

Fortune Magazine

The Times Online

Futures Trading Tools, Various Data, Web-Sites & FUN! 

Excellent Site for Futures Options
This is a very good site for tracking and analyzing options on futures.

Futures and Options web portal with free quotes, news, charts, weather reports, margins, contract specs, daily research, live chat, software, thousands of links, books and more

Provides FREE professional CTA Ranking and Performance reports.

This is a decent individual stock research and analysis site

A nice collection of information and useful links for the grain commodities trader as well as the grain farmer.

FREE current issue of a futures prices forecasting newsletter for wheat, soybeans, corn using Wm. Grandmill's proven successful method, plus Marketing professor Dr. James S. Gould's picks of Grandmill principle Trade(s) of the Month.

This site is one of the few sites Floyd recommends where other systems are discussed. The turtle trading methodology is widely known. The specifics to it however are not as well known. This site does an excellent job filling in many of the blanks.

Van K. Tharp, PH.D. and the International Institute of Trading Mastery Inc, offers a full range of products and services to help investors and traders improve their performance and maximize returns through self improvement. The Web Site also includes a free trading simulator, the Virtual Trading Exchange, designed to teach people money management.

A personal friend of Floyd's, Walter Bressert is a world known expert in cycle analysis in the futures markets. Stop by Walter's site to explore his fascinating world of cycle analysis.

Provides real time volume of S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, S&P 100 and other indexes. Volume based  technical analysis. Market timing of QQQ, SPDRs, Diamonds.

Trading and Financial Glossary for investors. 6,000+ words.

CTCR Commodities

Futures and Options portal offering FREE charts & quotes, news, research, software, books, futures directory and more!

Equities Research Institute (ERI) provides data, information and specialized research on equities.
Weather Links
U.S. Stocks CNN Weather
Canadian Stocks National Weather Service
  Weather Channel Online
  Weather Net
U.S. Mortgage Rates
Daily Mortgage Statistics
Fed Funds Rate
U.S. Fixed Mortgage Rates Graph
U.S. Adjustable Mortgage Rates Graph
U.S. Prime Rate
Directory Sources
Unique Information Sources
Switchboard Online CEO-EXPRESS
Large assortment of all kinds of Market Information. Floyd says very useful for independent research. 
Four 11 Online Sky Charts
(locations of the stars, planets and constellations!)  Really neat!
Insurance Information (life)

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