December 1998 Workshop Photo

Futures Trading Workshop

Hi Kim & Floyd!

"Please feel free to send the following to any present and prospective
members as you see fit...even include a copy of it with the workshop
video if you'd like:

To all present and prospective members of Floyd Upperman & Associates:

First off, this is an unsolicited testimonial.  I feel blessed to be
associated with Floyd Upperman & Associates, and I wanted to take the
time to share how special Floyd and Kim are as well as the priceless
service they offer.  I feel compelled to write as you cannot begin to
fathom the hard work Floyd has put into developing his system, and the
dedication he and Kim have to their members.

I've been with them for a little over a year now, and recently attended
the December 4th & 5th Position Trading Workshop they held in Dana
Point, California. (By the way, I highly recommend attending a workshop,
or at least ordering the workshop video tapes as there is so much more
insight that can be gained from doing so.)  Even though I mostly trade
the FOREX interbank market, the system which Floyd created has greatly
influenced my style of trading.  His unique approach has served me well,
and I am a profitable and successful trader due, in no small measure, to
what he has taught me.

Floyd's system has helped me develop my confidence in my trading
analysis and skills.  And also to handle the emotion that naturally
comes into play in trading - the fear and the greed.  Although, his system
is meant to be followed CONSISTENTLY, Floyd has ALWYS encouraged
"independent" thinking - that everyone learn to "do their own homework"
and develop an individualized "feel" for the markets.  His intentions
have always been clear:  To teach one to be a successful trader using a
proven system, WITHOUT depending on anyone else.  As he frequently
reminds his members:  "Give a man a fish - feed him for a day.  Teach a
man to fish - feed him for life."  That is so very true, and he has
succeeded in doing that with not just myself, but many others.

There truly are no words to convey how valuable their service is.  I was
drawn to them in the beginning because they were so honest and up front
about the HARD WORK and diligence it takes to be successful in this
business, and most of all that it involves risk.  Floyd and Kim NEVER
made it appear to be a "get-rich-quick" system.  What you get is far
superior:  A chance to have a successful trader as a mentor and "look
over his shoulder" every day to learn how the "in's and out's" of the
markets work.  And believe me, you learn in GREAT detail....This is how
Floyd teaches.  His proprietary system is phenomenal (and I have an even
greater appreciation for what he has done when I attended the workshop
and saw first-hand just how much work went into it and how much work he
does now).  As a member, you learn who the major players in the market
are, what drives the markets, and all about risk and managing your
trades - everything from determining risk, to entry and exit.  And he
shares effective strategies to deal with the emotions that can accompany
both winning and losing trades, so you can remain in the game for the
long-haul.  You will have what is undeniaably a PRIVILEGE of using his
highly effective proprietary system.  He and Kim also go to great
lengths to ensure members receive clear and reliable information, and
they always take time to answer ALL questions that come their way.  I
really can't do their service justice enough, and this is my feeble
attempt to convey all that they have to offer.  Basically, Floyd and Kim
deliver FAR MORE than expected or promised.  EVERYTHING, and I mean
EVERYTHING, you will ever need to trade successfully is right there on
their web-site.  And they are always striving to make the service
better.  (Personally, it's hard to imagine how it can get much better
than it already is!)  Floyd's proprietary system is second to none!  I
guarantee you will not find a more professional, quality service

I also want to take the time to tell you that even though Floyd and Kim
conduct their business with the highest degree of professionalism and
integrity, they are also two of the most genuine, caring, big-hearted
individuals you will ever meet.  Despite their success, they remain
grounded people, who are committed to helping others, which in and of
itself, is a rare thing to find these days.

I believe Floyd and Kim when they say that membership is limited.  They
are people who do what they say and say what they mean.  So if you are
determined to put forth the necessary effort and discipline to achieve
your desire to become successful in this trading business, and want a
service that will not only assist you in this endeavor, but will greatly
impact you (for the positive) on a personal level as well, then don't
hesitate to sign up and join Floyd Upperman & Associates....

I'll venture to say you won't regret it....I know I don't.....

Good luck as you embark on your trading aspirations....

Warmest regards,

Lanie Pamintuan
(a 28 year-old Physical Therapist/Surfergirl...and now successful